DO is a one-letter word

In 1965, Sol Lewitt wrote a letter to Eva Hesse. They are friends, they are both insanely talented. She just moved to Germany, she is frozen with self-doubt and creative block, and she seeks advice and moral support from her friend stayed in the USA.

His answer is a stunning letter, an incantation to do. Let me clarify: it is not an invitation to be amazing, nor to fake it until you make it, it is just the simple and obvious order to do. TO DO!

I stumbled across this lecture of letter from Sol Lewitt to Eva Hesse a few weeks ago and I canโ€™t hide the fact that it triggered in me a storm of emotions and actions. Starting with the fact that I got myself back at writing and crafting. Damn well done Sol, you got me at this one!

This video is my motivational pill but it is so much more than that because the effects last pretty long. I let you with this amazing reading of the magic letter.

Published by Virginie Caplet