Why writing about Creativity?

Creativity. Here is a word that opens to a lot of dreams and magic thoughts. This is also a very fancy word as you can see it nearly everywhere nowadays.

Restricted for a long time to the art and design industry, creativity is currently requested in a lot of different positions and sectors. Let’s face it: creativity is not a fashion accessory and it is not the sole property of so-called originals wearing black turtle necks or scrutinizing the world through funny-shaped glasses. Creativity goes beyond conceptions such as social classes, gender, and domain of expertise.

As a designer, I am feeling comfortable admitting I had the chance to work with engineers, product managers or assistants with a creative potential superior to mine (so glad and grateful life gave us a chance to share some time and problems!).

What makes me very uncomfortable are the two following things:
✳︎ because I am a designer, I have always been credited with having a creative fibre just by job name,
✳︎some creative people aren’t empowered to use their amazing potential because of their job name, social class, gender, you-name-it.
It outrages me so much so that it gives me the courage to write about creativity.

Let’s stop this creativity fairy tales bullshit as soon as possible: our world needs all the amazingness available, so it is time for a clean start! This is why it matters to speak about creativity and to challenge the iconic dreams we got fed with for too long. Dreams and icons are valuable only if they empower whoever cherish them. If it is taking you down, if it is blocking you, if it is making you feel uncomfortable, then it is time to challenge them.

Illustration for the article: a woman on stage speaks while some whales videos are projected behind her.

Published by Virginie Caplet