Hey there πŸ‘‹

– So. About the elephant... 
– Which elephant? 
– Well, The elephant. 
Looking around, stopping for a moment, and turning back. 
She finally whispers while vaguely nodding: 
– So. About the elephant...


There is an elephant in the room of our minds. She stands there. Peacefully. Nothing will happen until we notice her.
And so here we are, turning our backs to the animal. She is magnificent, wise, and wild. We are stuck, numb, and scared. Of course, we could pace around the room, making use of space and time to avoid the pachyderm. Maybe if we do it for long enough she will walk away (how did she enter anyway?). Maybe she will blend in the background. Maybe our senses will get used to her.

But there is the elephant. There is always an elephant.


In my room, the elephant carries a lot of different hats whether it is about creativity and her little sister failure, design leadership, crafting things in the software era, or even discipline and values.

Published by Virginie Caplet


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